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I was born and raised in Hawai’i, live in Miami, and I make art and play records!

I am intrigued by all types of art media, especially printmaking, painting, and paper arts.

My initial foray into music was as the front woman of two indie rock bands during college, but  made the switch to the decks when I first experienced the music and atmosphere of the DJ  culture in the Pacific Northwest. After moving to Phoenix in 1998, I bought turntables and  started collecting and spinning vinyl. An audiophile from the start, I was drawn to the infinite  variety of textures and possibilities provided by the world of dance music. I moved to Miami in  the summer of 2012 and have been enjoying all that this multi-faceted city has to offer!

As a founding member of various breakbeat collectives and collaborations (FUSE, B3, Cake &  Booty, HDIC), I have had the opportunity to DJ for a wide variety of events. Always celebrating  fun party music, I have been lucky enough to be invited to bring my  upbeat style to clubs and  parties all over the US!

While I am primarily a breakbeat DJ, I also have a long standing passion for house music.  You will hear me incorporate elements of funk, disco, reggae, speed garage, and much more into my DJ sets. When the party needs a more mellow vibe I also like to incorporate the sounds of downtempo beats, dub, soul, and jazz.

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