Who Can Roast The Most?

Since 1999, Who Can Roast The Most? has grown to be recognized as a Premier B-boyng(Break- Dancing) Event which has been acclaimed as a “MUST” by dancers, and fans in Florida and beyond. The culmination of an 11 year strong build up after visiting many different cities such as Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC. and Orlando. WCRTM is native to South Florida as is its founder and organizer, Local Miami Icon and International B-boy Champion Bebe Breakaway also founder of the famed “Ground Zero Crew”. Bebe being both a competitor and promoter gives the event its raw unique edge that has fans captivated by its statement to the art form.

The event derives its name from the terminology used when a dancer or crew are “out-done in a battle”, or lose in a competitive dance situation: , “Oh you got roasted!”. Indeed, Who Can Roast the Most? boasts its exceptional popularity among the B-boy Global Community, for its unique formula and approach not to mention an explicit title. It has come to be recognized as the ultimate in “One-on-One Battles“, staying clear of the well treaded contests that are ubiquitous among the scene, by bringing together a cast of characters drawing from talent pools from opposite geographical locations culminating in an energetic experience of stylistic dynamism.

The best B-boys and B-girls from USA face off against the best in the World last years event Russia,Korea,Japan,Holland,France,Denmark,Israel among other countries participated. with all the fury of their spirits. Participants undergo a grueling 10 rounds of competitive dancing where their talent and stamina are tested to their limits. There is NO Winner announced to add to the hype, and the Main Event features NO JUDGES. Fans do vote online for who they want to see perform, what they consider to be dream matches, and “Who Can Roast the Most?” turns them into a reality!

WCRTM has created some of Breakings most memorable moments in battle equating to the UFC of Break-dancing WCRTM is something that combatants take very seriously rigorous training is required to even last 10 rounds.WCRTM as a covered program endeavors to capture some of the things that go on behind the circles and floors were these dance warriors train to prepare for a battle of this magnitude. While there will be no Judges for these battles we will let the viewers at home choose who they think can roast the most and announce the results at the end of each show.

With the growing popularity of pseudo dance reality shows WCRTM will stand out to the most extreme audiences who crave an authentic taste of a real battle feel free of choreography. Break dancing has been around for over 30 years has a rich history and is seriously comepetiviley practiced World Wide. Every country having there own local heroes battling ,it out for the fans. This is the reality behind what cheesy dance movies attempt to portray.

It is just as extreme as skate boarding, motorcycling.. or rollerblading. The only difference is Bboys and Bgirls defy these very same laws of physics without wheels boards or motors. The art-form has evolved and grown exponentially especially in the last 20 years of uninterrupted global peek popularity and the time is now for this dance sport to get the respect it deserves without compromising its integrity.

For years several companies have seen the potential in this art form and have sponsored International tournaments such as Pepsi Sprite Red Bull Sony Erickson Verizon Tylenol Lipton Brisk etc… Product integration can easily be arranged via ring tones with the WCRTM theme song(or other music used in the show) can be sold as well as rights to a clip of the day downloadable to all mobile devices. Also several energy/sports drinks. deodorants video, games, apparel, and footwear would find the target audience a perfect fit .Everything from the floor to the DJ booth to what the dancers are wearing themselves can be tied in to sponsors creating a link from company to consumer.

Photos by: Monica Chang